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Postby geron » Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:18 pm

crfriend wrote:I am given to understand that if one starts out in southeast England, crosses the Channel and lands in the Netherlands, and then travels at a leisurely pace eastwards one will find himself speaking German by the time he arrives there. ("Leisurely" here meaning at a walking pace or travelling by canal.) I should put that test on my "bucket list".

Long ago, I read with much enjoyment the journal of a 17th Century English traveller to the Continent (I wish I could find it again, or remember his name) -- but he described how, when he passed through the county of Kent on his way to the Low Countries, he was much perplexed by the inability of a Kentish innkeeper to understand him when he tried to order eggs. Subsequently he discovered that the word for eggs in the Kentish dialect of those times was eyren -- which is the same as the Dutch eieren. English still has a trace of that word in 'eyrie', a nest of eagles. But if Kent still has a dialect, I can't say that I have noticed it.
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