Women's clothing sizes keep changing

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Re: Women's clothing sizes keep changing

Post by nzfreestyler »

last pair of jeans I bought were a 28 and that was at least 10 years ago!
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Re: Women's clothing sizes keep changing

Post by Dust »

I love and hate eBay for this. Depending on the seller, you may get very good measurements for items or none at all. I've seen the same waist measurements (approximately mine) on skirts listed as everything from a size 6 to a size 14.

For most guys with things that aren't too form fitting, the waist is crucial, since we don't have too much of an "hourglass" figure with a thin waist and big hips. For women, hips are often the most important measurement, especially with varied "rise" in skirts and pants, which place the top at a different part of her figure, rarely going up to the narrowest part of her waist.

Hip measurements on any item of clothing that doesn't taper back down below the hips (like pencil skirts) can be hard to locate and measure. Add in stretch in the fabric, and sellers don't bother. And I don't blame them. But for fitting female marketed clothes on guys, measurements are crucial.

For guys without much difference between their waist and their hips (compared to a woman), you can also try "juniors" sizes, as opposed to "women's" (adult).* They are often marked as odd numbers, proving there is some method to the madness.

The other issue is brand variation. Some are simply cut for different proportions, but some are "vanity sizing" where a brand marks an item as a smaller size than it is, so women can tell their girlfriends they fit into a size whatever. Usually this is on more expensive brands.

Men's sizes aren't actually that much better, with the waist size on pants not actually being a measurement, but a number a bit under the actual inches around your waist.

*The "women's" demarcation on clothing is as much to destinguish between that and "girls" or "juniors" as from "men's".
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Re: Women's clothing sizes keep changing

Post by r.m.anderson »

Expounding on that - start off with the Rule of 20 (misses sizing evens 00-14) i.e. misses size 14 equivalent to 34 inches (20+14=34)
That is just something in round figures to work with - - - in case you forgot your tape measure.

Misses sizing even numbers 00-14 *
The numbers used to start at 2 - remember the vanity factor
Juniors (young teen girls) odd numbers 01-13
Extended sizing (mature full frame) numbers 16-20 or 15-19 juniors
Anything beyond that is Plus (+) 1X 2X 3X

Always ask - no make that demand - the measurements in inches or centimeters - know your limits and measurements !

Know the waist and style of the garment - high waist same as close to navel (like wearing kilts)
Waist something a couple of inches south of the navel
Low waist - something between the waist and the hips
Hip waist - from here it is London britches falling down - only holding something in place is an elastic waist band

The difference between the hips and the waist for men about 4 inches on the average for women could be as much as 10 +or - YMMV
As dust has noted juniors have less defined hips and perhaps a better fit for the male frame.

Beware the eBay seller which states the measurement method is MANUAL and may be off up to 3 centimeters - BS if it is manual it is not precisely measured more of WAG (wild ass guess).
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