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General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: Men in skirts links

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The Men in Skirts Links:

Things change, including relevant links. I have checked the "official" list and pretty many are no longer functioning:

Message Boards (English)
X Marks The Scot
Utilikilt Group
Map showing the home towns of male skirt wearers.

No longer functioning
Men in Skirts
Men’s freestyle fashion

Message Boards (Non-English)
Rockmode (skirt fashion) (Deutsch)

No longer functioning
InterMIS (Spanish)

Websites for Men in Skirts and Kilts (English unless noted otherwise)
Bear's MacBiteach Blog
Simple Mixte (Francaise)
Missing Sign (Francaise & English) (French)
New Male Fashion blogspot (Dutch)

Functioning, but
Men in Skirts Never finished, it seems.
Men In Skirts Dot Org

No longer functioning
Men in Skirts a personal view
Men in Skirts exhibition, V&A London 2002
Men in Skirt FAQ

Tom's Cafe Members
No longer functioning
Mary-Jane Boy

Alternative & Men's Clothiers
Macabi Skirt
Running Kilts
Sports Kilt
StumpTown Kilts
21st Century Kilts
Utilikilts (Deutsch)
Comfilon (Pantyhose)
Mode Trend S (German)
Hiatus boutique
UT Kilts Link was wrong.
Mouseworks. Custom made fleece skirts.
Purple Rain Skirts and their page on Facebook
Blåkläder have a few styles of neo-kilts for workmen
Skhoop insulated skirts
Scottish Kilt Shop

Functioning, but
Union Kilts Company sold but has so far not started up again.
Ufash Sarongs and similar. Not in business as per September 2020
Apostrophie skirts Nice site but no business running

No longer Functioning
Kilt this
The Freeman
Alt Kilts
Canadian Casual Kilts
Mountain Hardware El Kommando kilt

Traditional Kilt Makers
Burnett's and Struth
Geoffrey (Tailor) Kiltmakers and Weavers
Hector Russell, Kiltmaker
Highland Heritage
J. Higgins, Ltd.
Kinloch Anderson Kilts
Scotch Corner
The Shetland Piper
Stillwater Kilts
Freedom Kilts

Functioning, but
Pittsburgh Kilts (No longer in business) Site is still open and promotes wearing kilts.
O’Neil kilts (Trade only)[/list] Website under construction.

No longer functioning
McCalman Kilts

Media articles
Liberal conspiracy
Luxemag article
Men in skirts blog
Testing a manskirt at the Humpty Doo Hotel (Australia)
]Homme en Jupe Gazette (French)Nice skirt Bro
Lookbook “Manskirt”
Boys in skirts A tumblr site.
BBC Gloucestershire article; What happened when a male journalist went out in a skirt and boots?
Article on the Nothing but hope and Passion blog
The true life story of a pioneer How (and why) to wear a skirt as a man

Functioning, but
Men’s skirts in Japan
Men’s skirts?

No longer functioning
Suffolk cross dresser
Fjorde Magazine article]Celtic Spirit (Facebook)
Yohji Yamamoto menswear collection for autumn and winter 2013
MB Tom A very "out there" individual's web page.

Wanting more links? You might check:

Dress2Kilt Links page #1 Vendors of traditional kilts and accessories.
Dress2Kilt Links page #2 Vendors of utility kilts, special kilts, sarongs, man skirts and skirts.
Dress2Kilt Links page #3 Forums, private homepages, blogs, videos, fashion, and media articles on men in kilts and skirts.

There ARE viable alternatives to trousers.
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Re: Men in skirts links

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There is definitely a market for kilts, but I believe it to be a small one, with room for only a small number of companies.
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