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Postby Sinned » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:35 pm

Thank you keystone and FFA for your positive remarks. I think that I'll stipulate that I be buried in that skirt ( or cremated in it ). keystone, I suggested knee length because it's a look that is universally good on 99.9% of men [0], it's long enough to cover that which should not be seen in public but short enough to generate interest!!!! But I have denim skirts as short as the ones Anthony wears but then, like him, I have the legs to accommodate such a skirt. Also knee length may be aesthetically more pleasing to YOH as being closer to shorts length as you said. Only a suggestion, mate, it's your call, after all.

I think that the skirt is more successful because it's a complex mix of materials but retains a woollen feel. It's lined and really has the feel and look of quality belying its Matalan origins. The actual label says Be Beau. A-line, size 16 and 16" to hem. I must admit that it does make me feel just that bit more chic.

[0] Unless they have really deformed calves in which case they are in the 0.1%.
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