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kilts on tv

Postby Couya » Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:29 pm

A surprise for me, watching the first episode of a new television series :
A young Spaniard was to marry a Scottish lassie, so, to welcome her family, all the men of the family sported kilts (perhaps it would be more accurate to say, tartan skirts, but they looked pretty smart all the same). The visiting family turned out to be the most boorish unattractive group imaginable, with the result that the Spanish bridegroom lost his enthusiasm for marriage. Everything came out well in the end, of course, and for the wedding day, the Scots were all in proper outfits, the Spanish back in trousers.
An amusing film, but positive in that there were no silly jokes about men in skirts; they were just the most natural thing to wear for a special occasion.
This was Spanish tv, by the way, so I don't suppose the film will ever show up abroad.
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