Come on !

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Come on !

Postby cyberleader001 » Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:13 am

Come on guys, 12 months ago i was fighting what i thought was cancer...... it wasn't. I did get diagnosed with Crohn`s which has simmilar symptoms but anyway... i digress...

My thoughts at the time were as follows.....

I dont get dressed in the morning to keeep all the people i dont know happy

They dont get dressed in the morning to keep me happy.

So it should follow that i can wear what i want...... easy YES?

NO sadly its not,Ok it does take balls to wear a skirt (as a man) But oncew you have made the choice to do it i would advise the following

1... tell your other half if you have one...My Wife has been fantastic in her support

2 Tell your closest Friends........Long term friends, not those who you only work with

3 Have a get together in your home with those who you trust and ask there opinion

4 Try to get one or two others to wear a skirt....Could be for fun or even a charity night

5 Swallow your pride and do it.

Honestly (5) was mentioned to me last year and i wouldn't have believed it if you told me now that i can and do wear skirts every day.
When i go shopping
Walking the dog
Cutting the Grass
And only once has anyone said anything derogatory about it... my reply was `i can go home and`ll always be stupid`

My advice to Men who want to wear skirts........DO IT

And enjoy

i may not always visit this forum but i am on twitter @cyberleader001

Good Luck
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