The health and the mode

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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The health and the mode

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Moderator note - - - -
When reading this post, please understand that English is
not this poster's first language. He is using a computer translation
machine which does not necessarily use proper verbage. Some of
his primary language (which appears to be Spanish) slips through.
So read it a couple of times and you'll get his meaning. I can tell he
is a supporter of Men in Skirts/Kilts. Now if someone who is fluent in
the Spanish language wants to email him, please feel free to do so.
Then he will feel that we haven't left him 'out in the cold' so to speak.


Uncle Al

I congratulate them on his(her,your) so valuable work, and for drinking to the men and his(her,your) alternative families of dressing mas healthy and comfortable, as THE SKIRTS.

Valuable mas that a person possesses is that his(her,your) health this good (OK), and the cloths often produce inconveniences(troubles) and disorders of health, and diseases.
In Colombia there is this one imposing a type, (or I am used) of underpants that is very exact and does the times rod, compressing(controlling), nagging, and ill-treating the genitalia; the central seam of the trousers (called shot) all the time spoils, ill-treats the genitalia of the male.
And you prop the strap or belt does the times of turnstile, and compresses(controls) the human body and all his(her,your) circulatory system into two parts(reports), FORCING to the heart to bomebear the blood with major effort, to conquer the resistance That has produced the turnstile. Since a turnstile has been placed in the waist, one is going to present a BAD(WRONG) blood IRRIGATION in: THE DIGESTIVE DEVICE, THE URINARY SYSTEM, THE DEVICE REPRODUCT, CAUSING AND PRODUCENDO DYSFUNCTIONS AND DISORDERS OF HEALTH IN THE PERSONS, besides the inconveniences that this produces. The use of the trousers has promoted the inconvinient and bad(wrong) habit in the males of URINATING OF FOOT; (conduct ecxhibicionista, it(he,she) troubles and not healthy at all), since ningun to be a human being sits down in a retreter or sanitarily to defecate, and then puts of foot TO BE GOING to urinate; both sphincters are opened by certain synchrony, or as(like) at the same time. In my opinion it is an unnatural way of forcing to the body and his(her,your) systems to working incorrectly. When the trousers were not used the men THEY WERE NOT URINATING OF FOOT; and I believe(create) that neither padecian so commonly, (or they were not presenting so many cases, not to so young ages) of the so called modern diseases of the men: impotence sterility, problems of the prostate, and cancer of the testicle. I am employed at a few skirts for man that they do not take strap or belt; they take a few cargaderas or tirantas; or the entire dresses(clothes) that the SKIRT is sewed TO THE BLOUSE OR SHIRT, to eliminate the use of the strap or belt (that fucniona as turnstile).
For this translation an Internet translator uses (http: //
I hope that I could communicate eadecuada and effectively.
Thank you very much Attentivly, Israel Morales, my mail is:

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