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General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by Sinned »

faldaguy, I have a red skort. I wear it a lot - it's short and of a material that dries quickly if wet. The built in underwear is comfortable and I would get more if I ever see them around. I'm sorry that you don't find them comfortable but really there's no real difference between a skort and a skit with underwear just because the underwear is part of the garment. I don't see why there is opposition to them. Why cut the underwear out of them? Crazy.
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by denimini »

Sinned wrote:
Mon Aug 03, 2020 9:20 am
.............. there's no real difference between a skort and a skirt with underwear ..................
True in one sense but when it come to washing, I think most people would wash underwear a lot more often than a skirt, although with swimwear there would be no problem, especially because most swimwear dries quickly.
There is probably a reasonable case for sportswear and one argument in favour of swimwear is that you can't lose one part or the other in the surf (although you could lose both).
Try changing skorts without taking you boots off :)
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by Freefrom »

Reference to skorts,
I have a number of these and wear them all the time. Very practical for work they are too.
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by Happy-N-Skirts »

I remove the inner shorts from skorts:

A) easier to use the restroom
B) the dimension from the waist to the inseam is based on female proportions and I like the waist to be higher.
C) I prefer to launder my underwear after wearing for one day.
D) I prefer certain styles of underwear for fit, support, and comfort
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by partlyscot »

There are MANY types of Skort. I have cut out the lining on some, because 1. I didn't realise the were skorts, 2. Wanted the skirt part but the liner was unsuitable. 3. The problem of wearing underwear for more one day.

I ended up with quite a few skorts from thrift stores that were quite cheap, mostly Avia brand that I think we're originally sold at Costco. The lining (underwear part) is very smooth, stretchy, and does the job perfectly, and is stretchy enough to use for quick bathroom stops. Because I have more than one, wear and wash is not an issue, and the fabric is fast dry. I guess I could use it for swimming at a pinch, would not be my first choice, but if I ended up at beach or river picnic then I could see it happening. OTOH, getting it wet when watering the garden or caught in a rainshower is a non event.
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by r.m.anderson »

Consider when removing the inner shorts from a SKORT it may change the hem length of the garment causing the skirt to ride higher on the hips where it
was formerly riding on or near the hips. Result showing more of what was hidden from view. This does not happen in all the conversions - but SKORTS in
general where designed with a hem length shorter than the same skirt. SKORTS are not usually made with the wide "A" line hem circumference which may
be more desirable for comfort and movement.
Lots of things to consider in making that cut-out conversion of the SKORT to skirt - beware cutting the inner shorts out when there are pockets involved
no not the tennis ball interior pockets but the outer seam pockets - make a fatal cut and you have peek-a-boo slits in the sides of the remaining skirt.
For some a real bargain and a chance to be creative with a low cost purchase of the SKORT at a thrift store and doing the modification.
SKORTS something not for everyone - but sometimes the combination of color and pattern are had to ignore - just what I need in my active wardrobe !
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by oldsalt1 »

I was originally against skorts I figured they defeated the reason for wearing a skirt . Than I saw a sale on golf skorts. now their my go to outfit for playing golf
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by Tackleberry »

As I woke up (I work nights now so done me a favour), so I donned my new denim pencil skirt and popped out to the shop for a few supplies we needed...
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by Uncle Al »

Several weeks ago, I was getting groceries at our local Winnco store.
While in the check-out line, an African-American male - who had a very athletic build,
asked me if I was from Scotland, referencing my skirt. I told him no but my ancestors
were from Scotland and Ireland. He then asked 'Why the skirt' and, looking at him and
the check-out lady(also African-American) I said that it's the most comfortable garment
a man can wear, especially in our Texas heat. I told him that there's no law/rule that
says a man can't wear a kilt/skirt - even if they're not Irish or Scottish. A skirt is the best
garment for 'air conditioning' a guy can wear :D

The check-out lady grinned from ear to ear and nodded her head in total agreement.
The guy kind of had a dumb-founded look, yet was smiling too.

Maybe I've helped to get a 'convert' :!: :D

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Re: dumb founded man

Post by Grok »

The woman likely knows the cooling properties of a skirt. The average male, however, would likely never have experienced this.
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by JeffB1959 »

Uncle Al: Bravo to you for sharing information! :D
I don't want to LOOK like a woman, I just want to DRESS like a woman.
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by Spirou003 »

Today I was removing some very old isolation of my entering door to replace it by a new one. I started using my fingers but it was so old that I would have spent, well, 6 hours to remove it all. I then thought about using a (rigid) plastic card protection, which is the most appropriated tool I actually have to do it to not damage the door frame. Just after I come back to work, my neighbor arrived from the lift (which is just in front of my door). To get an idea, she is an old woman with white hair. I did salute her before asking if she knows how I could remove the isolation more efficiently. We did discuss a bit about that, then a bit about my recent move in, and then a bit about weather which becomes quite warm suddently near from midday. No mention about the skirt I was wearing, althought I think she wanted me to speak a bit about it by introducing warm weather in discussion. I am sure she did see it, as she did many times look to any part of my body.
After that, I did go in the common part of the cellar to take a photo of the Internet box (because of some folks I had for installation of it), but nobody in the area.

My today's look: https://snipboard.io/PhqdtL.jpg (and in fact, my almost-week's-look :lol: )
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by rode_kater »

This weekend I went to the local second hand store wearing a simple black skirt. It was what passes for hot and humid here: 25C/80%RH, which I assure you is horrible if you're not used to it. When I arrived there were some people unloading a truck and I overheard the comment:

"That definitlely looks like a good idea"

They certainly looked like they were quite warm. Maybe I created some converts :)
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by crfriend »

I picked up a nice comment from either the daughter of a couple who frequents my local, or the girlfriend of their son: "You look sassy tonight."

It's been another hot/humid day (30 degrees and a dewpoint of about 24), so I opted for minimal covering -- yellow miniskirt, burgundy camisole, matching fishnet knee-highs and black shoes. I was a lot more comfortable than the ones in jeans and t-shirts who mostly went indoors.
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Post by Pdxfashionpioneer »

Subtitle: It's a Triple Play!!! My New Job, A Great Compliment and Today's Forecast: Smoky"

The day after Labor Day I started my new job as Finance Manager of the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education. Of course I had to commemorate the occasion with a photograph. Because I was wearing what's referred to as a dress suit, I needed 2 photos; with and with out the jacket.
1st Day @ OJMCHE 4 SC Suit.JPG
1st Day @ OJMCHE 4 SC.JPG

Today, my manager, the Executive Director of the Museum -- who's also a delightful Jewish mother -- paid me quite a compliment. In the middle of her morning greeting ritual with me, she interjected, "You look lovely today, David!" Here's the photographic evidence. Before you judge her fashion sense too harshly, remember she saw me right when I was starting my day and the photo was taken about the time I was heading toward bed.
91420 You're Lovely.jpg

Honest to goodness, today's weather forecast was "Smoky." I hope this photo illustrates why. The last few days the sun was a bright circle in the midst of an orange sky. Today wasn't quite so bad. Nonetheless, as you can see, even in a downtown location, it was hard to distinguish anything beyond 2 or 3 blocks. Keep in mind, the nearest fire is in the next county. It's been surreal.
91420 Smoky Day.JPG
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