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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Postby lazerr » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:11 pm

Saturday I my wife and I visited a friend and I was wearing a skirt, as usual (my wife too, but that’s a new thing for her). She greeted us, we talked for awhile and then I went for a walk to the town of east Brookfield. I did a lot of walking, there is a nice lake there, and visited a pub in the center. I met many folks going about their business and only one beep from a car going by on route 9, with positive looks from the occupants.

When returning, my wife and her friend were sitting at the pool and I joined them. After chatting for about 20 minute, I got up to get a drink and on returning she suddenly looked surprised and said, “Oh!, you’re wearing one of your skirts. Have you been wearing that since you came here?” I was thrilled! I’d been there for hours, chatting and all that, and only after 4 hours did she notice. Fantastic! I really believe it’s all how you carry it.
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Postby Mike » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:12 pm

It absolutely is all in the attitude! If you accept yourself, the world does too!

Who the hell is 'society' anyway?
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Postby john62 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:14 am

Today out shopping in the local market, wearing an ankle length skirt, navy blue with blue polo and blue fleece jacket, for once everything matched. The cashier asked where I came from and then added because I was wearing a skirt, had a bit of a conversion why. Do people notice, yes thet do.

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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Postby denimini » Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:10 am

lazerr wrote:Now obviously the next step is to buy a shorter skirt instead of just pulling it up to my chest!

School girls used to roll them up at the waist to shorten them, although if they are long that makes a lot of bulk.

Seriously, it look great and I bet it feels great to wear too.

Mike wrote:If you accept yourself, the world does too!

I believe that is the case ......... and sounds like some wise old saying.
Anthony, a denim miniskirt wearer in Outback Australia
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Postby Big and Bashful » Sun Jun 16, 2019 6:07 pm

Currently sitting outside a wonderful curry restaurant in Ocean Village, Gibraltar, eating a wonderful curry the weather is perfection and I am in old faithful, my knee length denim cargo skirt, tonight, life and s good!
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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Postby Kilted Musician » Sun Jun 16, 2019 8:05 pm

Here's a pic me at a gig last month. The guitar player said, "You really know how to pull it off, wearing kilts and skirts! Mind if I take a pic?" I had no problems whatsoever. Last night I wore a 21" denim skirt, black t-shirt, and sandals. No comments from anyone, audience, employees, or band members. They all know I like my choice of clothing!

Black kilt.jpg

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Re: Out and About -- In the World at Large

Postby greenboots » Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:56 pm

Managed several skirted and kilted outings lately, though haven't managed to post as I need to sit down at the keyboard to compose sensible English.

10 days ago I dropped my wife off early doors[1] with a friend to travel to a training course, and quickly switched from trousers to a black PU faux-leather pencil skirt with black tights. At this stage I was in chunky black shoes too. Went for breakfast in Morrisons and dealt with some emails. Then off to West Lothian to join my band for a local gala day [2]. Needless to say, this was trousered as per band uniform. (I think for everyone, M&F). Afterwards I headed for Livingston where I identified a couple of possibilities for hiking boots for wearing at the upcoming KiltWalk. I then traversed The Centre to purchase a new shoulder bag, my current one being a little shabby. To replace the chunky shoes I purchased some ballet pumps in Asda (surprised they had size 9) and then availed myself of public toilets to switch back to the skirt for the walk back to the car. This turned out to be a mistake for two reasons: first, The Centre was very warm and humid, and the combination of tights and suede-like lining on the skrit made me very hot! Second: half-way back to the car I had a call to say the journeying pair were passing teh Livingston exit on the motorway, and I needed to get a move on to meet them nearer Edinburgh. I mentally selected a pair of boots, which fortunately were put aside at the counter, paid for them, collected a coffee and cookie from Milllies and hurried to the car. Before arriving at the rendezvous, I had to find a layby [3] to change to trousers, so as not to surprise the friend or annoy my wife. Lesson for the day: sometimes it's not worth trying to squeeze skirting into a busy day.

Last Monday, I had afternoon to myself before band. I did some errands in my black value kilt, then headed to Almondell Country Park for a walk. I donned my new boots and an olive Breakburn stretch button through mini. This was perfect attire for the 3.5 mile stroll and the drive to Bathgate. Quick change back to the kilt for bnad rehearsal. (Word would potentially get back home otherwise.)

Today has been entirely kilted, with black kilt hose due to the cold northerly wind, but orange Clarks boat shoes and matching orange polo shirt from LUKE [4]. Wrote an article this morning, ferried MOH around some errands this afternoon. Came to Livingston to attempt to change the new bag as the stitching on the strap broke. (Stall closed. Will have to try another day). the planned walk was called off due to rain. Will find some dinner and head to band. That will be about 16 hours kilted and the only comment was from MOH on the orange shoes. "I don't think they go with the kilt." Response: "no, but they match the orange shirt."

Hopefully next Monday i'll be myself all day, and can enjoy the true pleasures of skirting.

[1] Early in the morning, usually implying earlier than normal, in this case 7:30am Saturday.
[2] An event involving "crowning" of a queen-for-a-day and a procession around the town or village
[3] Small (or large) space at the side fo the road for short term parking
[4] Never heard of them until I bought two polo shirts there recently - orange and lime green
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