leather skirts

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leather skirts

Post by skirtedbrit »

Does anyone have experience with leather/faux leather skirts?
Leather is too expensive but is faux leather any good? Does it look and feel like the real thing? What are the plus points and what are the negative points?

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Re: leather skirts

Post by new2skirts »

There are PU ones on ebay from £9 upwards... due to the coating on the inside of the skirt (some sort of white finish) they can be quite noisy with a rustle each time you walk, sit or do anything, either in tights, wearing a slip or otherwise... I had one for about a week, and went back to regular materials like denim. Not sure if length makes a difference and if a mini is better than knee length. Mark might be one to ask as he owns some :wink:
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Re: leather skirts

Post by rivegauche »

I have several leather skirts and several imitation leather ones. The imitation is getting better but there is still no comparison. Two of the skirts are pencil, one just below the knee and the other just above. They are a pleasure to wear. I have another longer flared skirt that is also nice to wear and moves well but somehow it is just not as much fun. All of them are significantly more comfortable with tights than bare legs.

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Re: leather skirts

Post by r.m.anderson »

The faux ones can't hold a candle to the real thing.
By that I mean the faux are made out of a petroleum
by-product and thus are not suitable to wear where
there is a source of heat. Real leather can handle the
heat very well - welders iron workers etc. depend on
fending off the sparks and fire brands but then this
type of leather wear is not fashionable.
The PVC PU faux leather is thinner and apt to be torn
cut or ripped at the seams as opposed to leather.
Getting close to a flame or cigarette can cause melting
burns to the faux leather and the skin beneath.
A detraction is the faux leather does not breath well
and can get very hot and sticky - same could be said
for leather but the grain is not skin sticky.

A positive factor is faux leather can stretch to a
degree or two and can be molded around the body.
Others are color reproduction and being light in weight.

As for cost the faux is less expensive comes in rolls
like cloth.
Large panels of real leather are very very expensive
and not easily found.

There is more to leather than cow (hide) leather there
is also leather off other animals - lambskin being one
of the finer light weight for making fashionable clothing.

Just some of things to think about in leather skirts.

Got a Tandy's Leather shop in your city - a good place
to go to to talk shop about leather.
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
Isn't wearing a kilt enough?
Well a skirt will do in a pinch!
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Re: leather skirts

Post by shadowfax »

skirtedbrit wrote:Does anyone have experience with leather/faux leather skirts?
Leather is too expensive but is faux leather any good? Does it look and feel like the real thing? What are the plus points and what are the negative points?
What would you define as "too expensive"?
I bought a black leather skirt from Sainsburys Tu range for £48.75 in one of their 25% off sales. These sales normally occur around public holidays.
Here's a link. They only sell the skirt online. Free delivery to one of their stores. Also available in charcoal grey.

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Re: leather skirts

Post by Happy-N-Skirts »

I have a faux suede skirt above the knee. It is light weight, soft, and light weight. I like that one and it feels just right. I also have a faux black leather one. It is not as stiff as real leather. I also have a brown colored corduroy straight sided above the knee skirt.

Now is the time for shopping for skirts as they disappear with seasonal style changes.

I am always looking for "the perfect" skirt or other items, which is why I have so many. When does a hobby become a fettish or obsession? I like the comfort and freedom. I am wearing a camouflage parachute skirt, which is very comfortable. It is forecast to be 107 F. today and will be 113F by Tuesday. Light weight short skirts are perfect.

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Re: leather skirts

Post by Gusto10 »

Leather and faux leather are a different class. My preference goes out to the first. Pity full enough, moh was doing spring cleaning the other day and one of my leather skirts an a denim skirt have been missing since. She exchanged hangers and most probably these two skirts were accidentally put with other skirts she wanted to take to shop where they dress students for special occasions.

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Re: leather skirts

Post by steamman »

I own and wear an ankle length A line leather skirt. There is nothing like wearing real leather, the way it looks and feels is unique, and butter soft to touch. It is probably my favourite skirt, and with it being fully lined is supremely comfortable to wear. No need for tights either, since because of its length and that it is real leather, it "breathes", hence can be comfortably worn in a variety of temperatures. I never get hot and sweaty when I wear it, which cannot be said for faux leather. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you want to wear a leather skirt, pay extra for the real deal, there is nothing like it.

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Re: leather skirts

Post by STEVIE »

It is certainly true that you will get what you pay for.
In terms of real and faux leather skirts if the price is similar so will be the quality.
Just don't be misled into thinking that "real" leather is a guarantee in itself.
I would certainly expect to spend at least £150 to get a really decent one.
I have a real suede skirt and it cost about £70.00 about 8 years ago.
I also have a black faux leather bought for £20.00 last year.
Both have been good enough value in their own ways.

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Re: leather skirts

Post by partlyscot »

I have two or three genuine suede skirts, that I got in thrift stores for a few dollars, one is in rotation for my work wear. I find it just the right look for me. Smooth leather I find a little difficult, as it often feels too fem for me. Have got a couple that I think work, but neither fits very well, and my usual hack sewing jobs are not good enough to get a result, still working on it. Have one stretch fit artificial suede one that I like, but it's a little too snug for public viewing. I think it's OK, but I need a bit more nerve, so at the moment it's around the house only. It looks sufficiently realistic from surface texture, but it obviously isn't real leather because of the way it fits.

If anyone is interested, Leathercult.com does custom work. Reviews are a bit mixed though, I suspect language and technical terminology difficulties are behind the failures.

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Re: leather skirts

Post by GothScot »

Had a genuine one about fourteen years ago. Don't know if it was the cut of it, but I wasn't terribly fond of it. Side zip, too, which didn't endear me to it. Looked a bit Tina Turner 1985 in hindsight. About two years ago, saw a faux leather knee-length black one with a back zip on clearance in Sears. Bought it on impulse and have to say, when I finally out myself, that might be the one I make my premiere in. It's super soft and body hugging and looks great with black or red tights. Is it noisy? I didn't notice too much difference between the two. There's my two-bob.

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Re: leather skirts

Post by skirtedbrit »

Many thanks everybody, I think i'll leave it for now as I will be having a dress made up and have had a number of large outlays for birthdays, retirement etc.
My original dressmaker has retired early due to repetitive strain injury in her hands and back from decades of dressmaking. I thought that it might be difficult to find a new dressmaker but the first one I contacted was very welcoming and I will be meeting her in a few days. I do have an idea for a dress in mind but if all goes well I might also see about a leather skirt made to measure with her.
My first dress was a cheap satin dress from ebay so I could take the strain off my groin after very painful surgery. This was over 12 years ago and I have, ahem, grown out of it. I would like to have this reproduced as well as it was lovely and represented a change to a more relaxed and open attitude to my life.

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Re: leather skirts

Post by denimini »

I have a primeval desire to buy a leather mini skirt, preferably lamb's leather with belt loops, pockets and not in black. I have seen a few that appeal but not in my size as yet.
Gusto10 wrote:Pity full enough, moh was doing spring cleaning the other day and one of my leather skirts an a denim skirt have been missing since.
Sounds like a "Skirtgate" situation.
Anthony, a denim miniskirt wearer in Outback Australia

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