Introduction and Summary of the Rules

If you're new to the Cafe, please grab a seat by the potted palm, settle down with a nice big latte, and tell us a little bit about yourself. Please also look here for forum principles and rules.
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Introduction and Summary of the Rules

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Skirt Cafe is an on-line community dedicated to exploring, promoting and advocating skirts and kilts as a fashion choice for men. We do this in the context of men's fashion freedom --- an expansion of choices beyond those commonly available for men to include kilts, skirts and other garments. We recognize a diversity of styles our members feel comfortable wearing, and do not exclude any potential choices.

Continuing dialog on gender is encouraged in the context of fashion freedom for men. In particular, we recognize that gender is a complex subject and some of us may feel more "masculine" or "feminine" at times. However, this is NOT a transvestite or crossdresser forum. We are committed to a fundamentally masculine gender identity --- masculine name and pronouns. We call it "gender honesty." Beyond that, what it means to be a man is individual and open to discussion.

This forum is about men, but women are absolutely welcome at SkirtCafe --- especially those who like the look of men's legs sticking out below a skirt or kilt! We also welcome women who may be uncomfortable with skirts for men, but are seeking to come to terms with the idea --- maybe because of a loved one who simply insists on wearing the latest A-line or pleated fashions. Transsexual women are welcome, as women.

Discussion is not limited to just skirts and kilts, but generally touches on all aspects of fashion freedom. In fact, subjects outside the realm of fashion freedom are also welcomed --- those little victories or struggles in life we wish to share. This is a Cafe, and Cafes are for discussion. So let the coffee flow, let the music play, bring in your comfy chair, and enjoy!


There are only a few rules here at the SkirtCafe

1. ABOVE ALL: Respect for others at all times. No profanity/swearing. No personal insults.
2. No politics, unless related to skirts/kilts. No religion, unless related to skirts/kilts. These topics were banned because they lead to endless flame wars.
3. SkirtCafe is a family-friendly fashion forum. No adult material. No discussion of clothing not meant to be seen in public, unless it affects clothing that IS meant to be seen. Underwear is NOT public fashion.
4. Feel free to post pictures suitable for public display. Indecent or immodest pictures will be removed, regardless of intent.
5. No female screen names (unless you are a woman). We are committed to gender honesty.
6. No discussion of artificial body parts or pieces of clothing meant for body parts that men do not have. That is not men's fashion.
7. Please, posts need to be in English. We unfortunately do not have the resources to deal with non-English language posts. There are a variety of skirted men's on-line communities in other languages.
8. If you think another member has broken the rules or has otherwise done something out of line, please consider sending email or a private message a moderator. Moderators have the final say on what is or is not appropriate on SkirtCafe. Moderators are: crfriend, Uncle Al, and Denimini.

General 'spam' advertising is not allowed and subject to being reported to various blacklists, but manufacturers of kilts and skirts for men are encouraged to post details of new products.