Skirt Making

For those do-it-yourselfers...
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Skirt Making

Post by JRMILLER »

Found this, it is very interesting and should apply reasonably well to skirts for men.

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Re: Skirt Making

Post by crfriend »

Thanks for that link, John, it looks like a very interesting read.

As you say, some adaptation will be required for getting the tailoring precise for the male form, but should make for a good "kicking off point". I think the basic size of 14 is a good starting point -- much better than the modern size 6 (which I think is the basic size today).
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Re: Skirt Making

Post by flarob »

WoW. Who would have thought that there was that much that went into making a skirt. I can understand that for a skirt to actually hang proper, a lot of thought has to go into it. I'll bet a lot of todays skirts dont have all that built in.
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Re: Skirt Making

Post by Uncle Al »

I've just spent the day working on this skirt. It is a rebuild of a pair
of dress slacks that I purchased at a 75% off discount store.
The price tag is still on the slacks.

Sorry the pic's didn't turn out the best, but it is my first time taking
pics in a mirror. You can't really see the detail of the fly and button
/hidden clasp of the waist. Still, it feels good to be able to fit into a
size 44 waist again :!: :wink: :lol:
This was a learning experience as I started to modify the slacks.
I already know what I would do differently on the next project.
Original price, w/tax, $6.50 then add about 1.00 for thread and
6 hours of fussin' and fumin' :mrgreen:

Uncle Al
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Re: Skirt Making

Post by WSmac »

Good deal there on the pant/skirt conversion!

I did this with a pair of hiking shorts, several years ago. I'm not sure I have them anymore.
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