Morning all, Karls OH here.. my experience of Karl skirted

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Morning all, Karls OH here.. my experience of Karl skirted

Postby Karl » Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:56 am

This all started with me getting a text from karl saying he wanted to try wearing a skirt, i was a bit shocked at first but sent a reply back saying "go for it then" because he has always supported me in all the things i have wanted to do and i may say some things were very daring but i done them, he didn't just support me but encourage me too so i thought if it is something he wants to try then i will support him.
He tried some of my skirts some fit some didn't so he brought some skirts himself off the internet, then i saw one in a shop and got it for him, i told him he must get tired of wearing them with his tee shirts so i brought him several tops,( wooops a pink one with a bow tie at the back "silly me") just wanted him to look nice above the waist as well.
when he gets dressed girly, i must say he does look good in a skirt i think he has a nice pair of legs, better than some females in fact and i'd go to say a turn on for me to see him dressed this way, i know he loves it too and we both get a big buzz from it.
HIS first time out in public in a skirt was a walk around a grassed area in a minature railway, although he didn't get seen he did feel proud of the fact he had done this, then one night last week (it was dark) he walked down a road on a housing estate with many cars passing by and his skirt (a silky flowy one) was blowing up but when he got to the end of the road he continued onto the main road, one car even slowed down to have a good look at him but with wearing a slightly shiny mini and tights i bet the guys in the car thought karl was a female, i was driving behind him at a distance in the car all the time so he was all alone to some extent.
He was walking proud as punch which made me feel good and proud of him.
Really hope this helps and that your OH will understand like i do.
HINT for you guys: try wearing a light coloured tight skirt that shows the things at the front but bare legs, she will look at the skirt initially but then may well focus her eyes on what is showing through your skirt at the front, this is what gave me the initially buzz and as a female i think many more women will think the same way.
show this to your OH and they may think ( mmmm so there are women that like it and get a buzz)
if you need any advice then i am here but only have limited time so replies may take a while
good luck guys :D
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Re: Morning all, Karls OH here.. my experience of Karl skirt

Postby STEVIE » Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:01 pm

Welcome to the cafe.
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Re: Morning all, Karls OH here.. my experience of Karl skirt

Postby skirtyscot » Sun Jul 03, 2016 10:50 pm

Hi Karl's OH, and welcome! It's always good to hear from supportive OHs; mine is accepting these days but nowhere near as supportive as you!
Keep on skirting,

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Re: Morning all, Karls OH here.. my experience of Karl skirt

Postby skirtingtoday » Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:08 pm

Hi Karl's OH,
I just wish my OH was as supportive as you obviously are to Karl. In fact we are at the other extreme of the spectrum where it is absolutely not tolerated at all. I am not even allowed to wear a skirt at home.

I therefore can only be skirted alone at home or anywhere outside the home that she isn't (say going for weekly shopping, DIY shops etc., at work before I retired, meeting curling friends and other similar occasions) - very sad really. I cannot even mention the subject.

Best wishes to you both - hope to hear more of your comments and Karl's excursions.
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