Shopping for Skirts

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Shopping for Skirts

Postby Happy-N-Skirts » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:47 pm

Yesterday I went shopping to see if any stores have something new. I found a short faux suede skirt and wanted to see how it fit and looked. I asked the sales lady if I could try it on and she said sure and told me her name was Rebecca and she would be near if I needed anything. I tried on the skirt and really wanted to walk around while wearing it to see how if felt. I walked out of the fitting room and the door slammed closed behind me. The young lady was nowhere near, so it meant that I would need to walk out on the sales floor to find her or someone else who could open the door. I walked around several displays and then out to the cash register where customers were lined up with their purchases while I was wearing a short skirt. I stood patiently in line until my turn and and asked where Rebecca was. She told me she was in the back room. I told the clerk that I locked myself out of the fitting room. She acted like it frequently happened and walked back to the fitting room without even looking at me and unlocked the door. No one looked or acted surprised that a man wearing a skirt was walking around the store. The skirt fit perfectly and felt great. The faux suede was light weight and soft. It did have a bit more flare than I would have liked and I examined the seams to see whether it could be taken in a bit. I had never been to a store where the dressing rooms had locks on the doors, or that they were self closing/self locking. It didn't occur to me until later that Rebecca may have been in the back room looking for something else I might like to try on. I like to try on different items out of curiosity. I had tried on another skirt but it was too tight and not enough stride, although it had stretchy fabric. My major purpose for wearing skirts is for hiking. The one I bought was perfect for that purpose but looked more feminine than I would have liked. It is an A line. It sure feels nice though.
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Re: Shopping for Skirts

Postby Sinned » Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:16 am

I go looking at skirts frequently and have been shopping for a skirt whilst wearing a skirt without any problems. I see very few skirts that I would buy because they don't fit in with the style I have for myself but that doesn't stop me looking. I love A-line skirts for the freedom and the feel of the hem on the legs as I walk around and most of mine come into that category.
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