All men should wear skirts

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Re: All men should wear skirts

Postby Sinned » Sat Aug 09, 2014 6:07 pm

As you all know England particularly can in no way be considered classless and I consider myself still working class even though some may say that I could have pretentions to be middle class with having a degree and so on. But since my roots were in a social upbringing that revolved around heavy steel ( rolling mills, heavy bridge building and the tail end of steam locomotive production ) I would never claim to be anything more than I am. But I digress.

I certainly don't deliberately choose dull drab colours. Yes I do have skirts and trousers/jeans that are dark blue, black and to a lesser extent brown but I also have white, yellow, turquoise, purple and bright red for instance and will wear them out with matching other clothing and accessories. I would do that now and the adoption of the skirt by the masses of men wouldn't change that.
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