Hello Gentlemen & Ladies

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Hello Gentlemen & Ladies

Post by ajcoles »

I just thought I would stop by & have a look around. I had heard that you had moved into new digs & wondered what it looked like. Besides, I never really swaid good bye back at Tom's & well, that just isn't very lady-like. Please forgive me. :o

The thing is I got to the point where I didn't feel like I belonged. Not entirely because of anything that anyone did as much as I'm not a MIS any longer.
I suppose that it was part of my declaring my womanhood or something like that.

It certainly isn't that I no longer support every person's right to wear what they darn well please. I more than ever do. Since we've last talked I've become friends in real life with a great deal more people that don't fit into society's view of gender "normalcy" & therefore have even larger perspective on where both birth genders come to the clothing choice. If I may, I'd like to share with you something that I found in talking with two of these friends, one is a female to male friend, the other a butch lesbian. Both to a T told me the same feelings that I have had for long time that what people expect us to wear is abasolutely rediculesly inaquite.

So anyhoiw, I'll probably not be hanging out here as much as I used to in Tom's rather I'll just breeze through once in a while.

Did yoiu bring over the espresso maker from Tom's? I could use a hot chocolate.... :)
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Stevie D
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Post by Stevie D »

Hello Toni,

Nice to see you drop in. Hope you will stay as long and as often as you want. I, for one, am always pleased to read your posts.

I am very glad that your new life is abundant and I hope that you are happy. Meanwhile, the hot chocolate is on me.....

See you around, then.
Stevie D
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Post by Bob »

Hi Toni,

Yes, you're more than welcome. I've been following your journey over at the Atrium, and I wish you all the best. So I don't feel like we've been out of touch.

-- Bob

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