The real flux capacitor

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The real flux capacitor

Post by moonshadow »

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Re: The real flux capacitor

Post by beachlion »

Very interesting.
It was a competitor to the Philips Videodisc, sort of.

I like to know about those forms of retro amusement electronics. At some time there were three competing systems of video tape, VHS, Betamax and V2000. V2000 from Philips was technically the most advanced but VHS survived the battle because of better marketing, lower price and the availability of more pre-recorded movies. Do you also remember the 8-tracks?
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Re: The real flux capacitor

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Re: The real flux capacitor

Post by pelmut »

beachlion wrote:... VHS survived the battle because of better marketing, lower price and the availability of more pre-recorded movies.
I heard a slightly different slant on that:
In the U.K., it became apparent to the public that VHS was by far the worst of the three (engineers had known that all along) and stocks of unsold machines began to pile up in a warehouse. One of the major rental companies did a deal and bought up the entire warehouse full of unsold machines for a bargain price  A lot of people were uncertain which system to buy, so they decided to rent one for a while until the winner became clear and, because the rental company was offering cheap VHS machines, that was what they rented.  

This meant that by the time they finally decided to buy their own machines, they had a stock of favourite programmes and family recordings on VHS, so they had to buy a VHS machine to be able to play them.  Such is the perversity of business.
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