Clothing and how it feels

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Clothing and how it feels

Post by saltwood »

So .. I have been wearing skirts for 2 years now. I also epilate extensively. I love having hairless legs, armpits, and the whole pubic region. I find that wearing lighter fabrics, skirts & kilts feels just lovely once there is no hair barrier. I am naturally very hairy and found clothes just clothes. No connection. Now that I can really feel what I am wearing .. fabric on skin, cool air on bare flesh, clothes have a whole new dimension. What do you feel/think?

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Re: Clothing and how it feels

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I don't shave those parts and haven't wondered what it would feel like. I like the feel of skirts with the breeze and keeping things dry. I like the feeling of not being rubbed by fabric on my thighs and from the inseam of pants. Maybe the reason I haven't thought of shaving legs, etc. might be because I don't have a lot of hair there and it is not very coarse. I hope I have answered your question.

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Re: Clothing and how it feels

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There are many drivers for why we've taken up wearing skirts. What we do, though, with what's out of sight is off-topic here. If it's not visible it's not public knowledge.
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Re: Clothing and how it feels

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As I have said in other threads I have started taking walks around out local lake at night. I try and do the walk three times in a night and 've done each walk in a different dress. The walk is about 2 miles so 6 miles a night is reasonable exercise. Sometimes, if I'm feeling energetic, I run part way ans in run a bit, walk a but [ repeat ]. Mostly the dresses that I have worn have had a skater type skirt allowing the hem to sway as I walk and I love the feeling. As I pass street lights I can see in my shadow that sway of the hem. I don't shave my legs and don't feel the need to. I wear tights, holdups, socks and have few problems. I'm getting more turned on by dresses with each wear but sadly feel that I have a cat's chance in the proverbial of getting MOH to appreciate me in one.

One idea that I have that I feel that I must pursue. In the Great British Sewing Bee current series one of the competitors mad a dress with an overlay made from a net curtain and it looked fabulous. So, I have a small number of lbd's and I initially thought of making an overlay to brighten the dress up. Then I widened the idea to making a mesh overlay as a separate that can be slipped over any of my lbd's to freshen it up. I have even sourced the material form my store. 1.5 metres of approximately 1.2 metre deep netting. Cost about £8. I will learn some new techniques such as how to sew a baby hem or a rolled hem and so on. An idea for any of you sewers out there!
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