Men and ice cream

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Do you enjoy ice cream at night more so than other times of the day.

I do not eat ice cream
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Re: Men and ice cream

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As someone else said, I usually only get a chance to eat I've cream in the evenings, at least during the week. I will enjoy eating it at any time of day when I get the chance.

The best I've cream I ever had was at a carnival put on by the local volunteer fire department as a fund raiser. It was all homemade, all different flavors. As a kid I got to scoop it out of the big five gallon buckets. We got to eat some for free for helping out. The best was a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of peanut butter together. The peanut butter ice cream had real peanut butter in it, so much that it was a lot thicker and harder to scoop than the chocolate. That was very good, very real I've cream!

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