Of Art and Engineering

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Of Art and Engineering

Post by crfriend »

As a followup to FloatingMetal's recent post I decided to check my assertion on the Teletype Model 28 to see if my own memory was still accurate (it was), but stumbled across one of the most beautiful remarks about engineering and art that I've ever seen: "Art without engineering is dreaming; engineering without art is calculating." What an eloquent way of expressing the matter!

The artist in me demands engineering rigour, and yet the engineer in me demands beauty and elegance of design.

No wonder I'm a bit screwed up!
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Re: Of Art and Engineering

Post by Caultron »

I'm not sure I'd classify Picasso as an engineer.

But were the discoveries of Newton, Curie, Edison, the Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein, or Elon Musk art? Hell yes.
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