Skirts for men?

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Skirts for men?

Post by Fred in Skirts »

I was looking at some old files in one of my many folders full of stuff, and I found this from Hope Alexander, who has another forum for men. Note the date>
Skirts And Dresses Men Can Wear In Public
Updated on November 12, 2010
By: Hope Alexander

It's a sad fact of Western society that we frown on men wearing skirts in public. Generally speaking, men who admire the aesthetics of skirts and dresses are forced to don trousers or shorts in order to go about their everyday business in the world. It's pretty rare that you see a male lawyer, or doctor or teacher gadding about the workplace in a frock. It's so ingrained in our society that we actually just take it for granted, but lets think about that for just a minute or two, shall we?

If we reversed the roles and informed women that they were only allowed to wear skirts, then I can guarantee you that there would be riots in the streets, but, gentle lambs that they are, men meekly accept their prescribed uniform, formal suit, business suit, jeans and shirt, shorts and t shirt with barely a murmur of dissent. And to think they say it's a man's world, huh?

Some men might sniff and say "I don't want to wear skirts and dresses anyway." But I ask you, is that even really the point? Is not the point more that you couldn't even if you wanted to? We walk around thinking we're 'free', but in reality our freedoms are unimaginably limited, even in ways that quite obviously don't matter in the slightest.

Author's Note: I'm glad society is essentially a timid hypocritical construct held together by bonds of fear and violence, if it wasn't I'd have very little to write about.

Anyway, until the revolution arrives, and men are free to wear whatever they want to wear, there are some social back doors which allow men to go out wearing a skirt or a dress (though you still won't be able to call it a skirt or dress I'm afraid, that's going a little too far.)

Your Three Keys To Skirt Success

Be Middle Eastern or Asian

Middle Easterners and Asians get a free pass on the skirt thing. We're suspicious of them as Westerners anyway, they speak foreign languages, and they look different from us, which is a sure fire sign that they're up to something. Plus we're usually too busy invading their countries to worry about what they're wearing. We usually help them accesorize whatever they have on with a tasteful hood and some shiny electrodes

Because God Told You To

Alternatively if you are unable to change your race at whim, you could become a monk or priest. Monks and priests are allowed to wear dresses to their heart's delights, because they have the big 'G' on their side, and nobody argues with God.

Become Goth, Emo, or Punk

These subcultures all get away with their male members wearing skirts in public, mostly because people fear them too much to say anything about it. (Sometimes that whole 'bonds of fear' thing can really work for you.)

This has probably been one of the more 'angry' articles I've written in a while, but you know what? We're all in chains of our own making, and each subsequent generation buys into these same social morays, never stopping to think about them, too self obsessed and worrying about what the rest of the world will think to realize that they are making themselves prisoners in their own lives. And while we worry about these stupid superficial things that don't matter a damn, incredible evil is done in our names and under our noses.

After well over three thousand years of civilization is it not time that we freed ourselves? Can we not let the man wear a pair of panties, a dress, a bra, a tutu if he wants to and perhaps start worrying about the truly important things in this world?
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Re: Skirts for men?

Post by Caultron »

Fred in Skirts wrote:I was looking at some old files in one of my many folders full of stuff, and I found this from Hope Alexander, who has another forum for men. Note the date>
Skirts And Dresses Men Can Wear In Public
Updated on November 12, 2010
By: Hope Alexander

...Be Middle Eastern or Asian...
...Because God Told You To...
...Become Goth, Emo, or Punk...
Can't do the Middle Eastern or Asian thing, wrong ancestry.

I do sometimes point out that nobody in the Bible ever wore pants, but I can't truthfully claim I'm on a mission from God.

Goth can actually be kinda fun sometimes, although at my age I don't go overboard. Sometimes all black, though.

But overall we may have made more progress since 2010 than we realize (even if it is on the coattails of the LGBT movement).
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Re: Skirts for men?

Post by Sinned »

I was watching American Pickers last night and in Series 11 Episode 6 "Twin at all costs" they encountered a man wearing a dark brown utilikilt. In the episode Mike says something like, "We noticed that he was wearing a kilt. Kilt, skirt, whatever. You have to be comfortable with yourself to wear one." A long-time friend was watching with me and I said to him, "I couldn't have said it better myself." He knows that I wear a skirt and has seen me in one before. Naturally MOH was nowhere to be seen when the episode was on, not that it would have made much difference.
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Re: Skirts for men?

Post by Grok »

Hope Alexander overlooked kilting.
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