Best wishes

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Peter v
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Best wishes

Post by Peter v »

I would like to wish all members a very merry christmas and a very happy New Year.

Although there is a recession, :( life goes on, so I hope that we will all make the best of it.

Wear a skirt as much as you can and want. Maybe "if life sucks, wear a skirt" is a good motto.
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Re: Best wishes

Post by mugman »

The season's greetings from me too. And wishing everyone a great New Year.
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Re: Best wishes

Post by TomH »

Yes, in this time of good cheer, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday.

Due to a VERY slow internet connection, I don't put in much, but visit most every day and really glad to meet you all. I've been skirted for more than two years now and it really feels weird if I happen to wear something else.

Hope the weather treats you all decent, too.

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Re: Best wishes

Post by RichardA »

Happy Christmas :cheers:
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Re: Best wishes

Post by crfriend »

To everybody in the SkirtCafe community:

May the new year be rich in health, prosperity, peace, and love! Not to mention our own little idiosyncrasies!

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Re: Best wishes

Post by Since1982 »

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night! I don't think "LIFE" ever sucks, no matter how bad it may seem, it's still far superior than the alternative! (being the "lack" of life). A DAY of PEACE to all members. :santa: :bigsmurf: :thewave: :welcome:
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Re: Best wishes

Post by cessna152towser »

Wishing a Merry Christmas to all at Skirtcafe.
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Re: Best wishes

Post by ziggy_encaoua »

feestelijke groeten aan u Peter
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