No Pants Day = Skirt Day

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Re: No Pants Day = Skirt Day

Post by Since1982 »

I'm glad we got to the meat of the dissertation in the last 2 lines. I beg to differ on the usefullness of Capri pants. I believe on the Isle of Capri they do a lot of clamming in an inch of water, and don't get their Capri pants wet while doing so. Hence the original source and use of Capri pants. :thewave:
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Re: No Pants Day = Skirt Day

Post by Peter v »

Thank you Brian. :D :D :D

"In the end the best reason to wear skirts is simply because you want to. There’s really no solid reason why you should, but there’s also no solid reason why you shouldn’t."

Simply because you want to. That is as good a reason as any. "Why do you want to .... "because" :? :wink: :wink: :wink: "

And I do agree with capris, as for many people for differing reasons, being trousered, without having to roll the da.n things up, and have a part of your foot and lower leg bare can be enjoyable. Why buy trousers with long pipes when all the length isn't used?

People who go bare footed etc and walk on the beach, etc, but still wear pants as apposed to skirts, will no doubt benefit from them. Women may exploit them in much the same way, but for the purpose of showing their feet and part of their leg, which is still something they are proud to show and which apparently attracts men like a worm on a hook. 8) Don't ask me why. :| ( history is full of examples of feet and power, inbound feet, forbidden to show feet, etc )

Demeanering capris makes as much sense as doing that for skirts or whatever. Even though we ourselves may not wear such things, that does not mean that we should be blind to the obvious reasons others may enjoy it. We would wish others to look at our skirt wearing in the same way. And as a plus point, looking at things in a positive way makes life all that much nicer, for all of us. :D :wink:

Ps, may be wandering off topic...
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Re: No Pants Day = Skirt Day

Post by Bri »

There are probably places that wearing skirts doesn't make sense and situations such as working on mechanical things like cars where you might have to be in several positions in very short time spans, which would leave anyone better off knowing that someone isn't going to see between their legs as they crawl under something.

I also worked on a car in one, and umm it isn't really anything that's easy or enjoyable. Worrying about getting my legs dirty and someone seeing up the thing, well I would much rather have as few worries as possible, yet I also know that there are quite a few people esp. men in the world who have never worked on, or rarely work on mechanical things. For that reason there's really no reason why a skirt shouldn't be something of choice.

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