Dresses, Islands, Conventions, Social Worker Sue & Me

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Dresses, Islands, Conventions, Social Worker Sue & Me

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Here's a rant/article I wrote few days back about getting back to wearing a dress, please remener this wasn't aimed at folk in the MFF community but I thought some of what I wrote might be of interest.

I hear a lot from individuals that no man is an island to which my response is that maybe a man wants to be an island. Lot of people I know maybe people in general think that a man wanting to be an island is somehow unnatural or unhealthy. But I wonder if that is more about a wanting to control others more then any concern of what’s healthy for your fellow human.

I often clash with many who seem to think that the majority’s will is somehow justification to beat up upon the individual. Though some might think democracy is a peaceful means of settling difference but democracy is not peaceful , it’s the majority imposing upon a minority whether or not the minority are actually doing any harm & even if the minority in their actions aren’t causing harm in flouting the will of the majority they’ll likely be met with force. All the will of the majority really happens to be is the tyranny of the majority…..you will do as the will of the majority or else! I’m definitely of the opinion that the tyranny of the majority must never be used to dictate lifestyle or etiquette. If you believe it you believe the tyranny of majority should be used for those means then you’re nothing but a conditioned slave of tyranny & if not that then a bully who gets their jollies from controlling others possibly even a fascist using the will of the majority as an excuse to be all authoritarian.

A man in a dress not doing anybody any harm yet the will of the majority or the tyranny of the majority (which definitely is in this incidence) will beat upon any man wearing a dress. Oh sure no one is stopping any man to wear a dress in public but a man who does is likely to be lambasted, bullied, threatened & even assaulted. A man can be inflicted with tyranny for doing no physical harm to another human being & I know this because…….?

I’m a man in a dress

A transsexual once told me this gag about, a Daily Telegraph reader, a Guardian reader & person saying they want a sex change. The Telegraph reader will shrug their shoulders & say its their life but a Guardian reader will start fretting in concern about whether the individual is doing the right thing. Sue the social worker (she’s called Sue & she works as a social worker) is your typical Guardian type reader who started to fret on the return to adorning a dress, for I decided to return from three months of attempting to conform to wearing a dress & this is the reason for me writing this. Anyways Social Worker Sue started to fret obviously from concern as a friend who feared I being ostracized. But her fretting was itself a particular concern. Social Worker Sue who quite possibly herself an advocate of diversity & definitely a liberal attempted to persuade me that I was better off conforming. Sure Sue is viewing society as it is but must recognize that society as it is needs to adapt to allow for wider diversity.

It might be unfair to compare me wearing a dress to that of the unfair treatment society has inflicted upon Blacks & Homosexuals which the majority of society now think was unjust. Unfair for me to compare because nobody chooses to be a Homosexual or Black where as I choose to wear a dress. Yes very true but there’s another way too look at it no Black is doing harm being Black, no Homosexual is doing harm from being a Homosexual, By me wearing a dress is doing no harm & therefore bullying not to whether it comes from an individual, group, government is unjust.

I’m sure Social worker Sue realises for society to progress to being more tolerant of wider diversity then an individual must strike out & break the mould. Yes the first Homosexuals to publically come out of the closet where persecuted but by them coming out they took the first steps to freedom & equality for Homosexuals. I’m not the first guy to wear a dress in public but maybe the first to do so continuously & continuously measured in years now, too prove I’m doing nobody any harm at all to others by wearing a dress.

Because people seem to think though it’s okay to bully me even if I’m not doing any harm is it any surprise that I’d like to be an island. Of course even Social Worker Sue (amongst others) has said to me that I’ve only myself to blame if I’m bullied for refusing to conform, Well as I’ve already explained I should have to conform if I’m not physically harming another & I’m not. Yes I’d like to be an island in a dress or not because at the root of much of the bullying from individuals, groups & particularly the tyranny of the majority, I reckon is a sentiment of how dare you think for yourself or how dare you free yourself from all that enslaves us. I’ve met plenty who are bitter & twisted because unlike them I give the finger & refuse to be controlled. I really believe that it makes people feel insecure when unlike them you won’t accept the unwritten conventions which are ridiculous & set out to destroy such conventions.

It’s a ridiculous convention that girls wear dresses & guys wear trousers especially as that convention isn’t true as women have the choice to wear trousers if they wish. Nobody is calling Hilary Clinton a poof for wearing trousers & her hair short, yet a guy who wears a dress & his hair long will be called a poof, tranny or some other derogatory label. Why should it be acceptable for women to far greater choice in the way they express themselves then men that’s the question why should it be like that? Some might say hey Ziggy it’s the way things are, for which my response is just because it’s the way things are doesn’t mean its right! Others might say why is it I get so wound up about such an irrelevant thing, for which my response is that when has freedom of expression been irrelevant, its what gives us the ability to say no to tyranny! Of course then some attempt to deride by laughing at me for laughing oh yeah like transvestitism is going to defend freedom of expression.

I guess the ‘t’ word would come up sometime but it’s not a word I associate myself with. See that hairy chin of mine I think it gives no doubt I’m a guy, I’ve no intention to deny otherwise. Where as a transvestite is a guy who wears what could considered female clothes to get their jollies from either the adornment of those clothes or for deceiving others that their a girl. Typically transvestitism derives from autogynephilia, which is a fetish of typically of a man being sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman. I have no such desires in fact as for sexual desires I can’t say I’ve much an appetite these days. Wearing a dress is purely about what’s comfortable for Ziggy, in fact anybody who’s viewed http://www.defiant-angel.com will notice my own comfort is not only too wear a dress.

I believe personally & for al that it would be better if one expressed themselves freely, no masks, no ********, no lies. I believe it would be a far better society if people felt no tyranny of the majority & so expressed themselves freely & so giving a true expression of themselves. Anytime I’ve tried to conform I’ve felt incredibly trapped to on occasion the point of suicide. It might sound ridiculous to some that I feel the absolute need to express myself with the use of dress but its truth. But more then that tattoos, piercings, dyed or long hair are a must, because that’s the true expression of me & anything less is a lie & lie can’t live long spinning.

Social Worker Sue saying to me that I’ve only myself to blame if I’m bullied for refusing to conform not only gives excuse & credence to supporters of the tyranny of the majority. It worries me because not so long ago I heard a Labour party activist say in response to the murder of Sophie Lancaster who was murdered purely because she dressed different to the norm, that basically she brought it upon herself for dressing differently. Yes this was a Labour party supporter & activist saying this! I’ve heard other pro corporate conformist ******** from members who’d say their on the left of the political spectrum who say they believe in fairness & equality!

Well left or right of the political spectrum there are far too many in favour of the tyranny of the majority over that which has no harm & I will do battle until I can pass thorough life without harassment for living my life freely & doing no harm to others.

I once said that if somebody put a gun to my head & said conform or else I’d say pull the trigger. I will say that sentiment will never change because I always wanted to be the person I’m now.

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Re: Dresses, Islands, Conventions, Social Worker Sue & Me

Post by Ray »

A very interesting read. You make very good and well thought out points.

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Re: Dresses, Islands, Conventions, Social Worker Sue & Me

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Ziggy, I fully agree. Even that last scentance, although not being there any more would let the other "win" and that is not what I would want, but conform? No not that either.

Better to stand behind the wheel of the ship of the enemy and steer the ship out of course on to the rocks than to openly challenge the captain and be locked away, not having any say in where the ( enemy ) ship goes. :| :shock: But sometimes there is no way around a direct confrontation :?

People who do anything to others who are somehow different to the majority do so purely for their own pleasure, and are criminal in that, not for the democracy or anything else.

"a Labour party activist say in response to the murder of Sophie Lancaster who was murdered purely because she dressed different to the norm, that basically she brought it upon herself for dressing differently."

I just hate such judgements. :twisted: :twisted: If I would myself think along those lines in retaliation, I would feel that I would want to deny that person the right to keep on living... :? for saying that, as that is a very VERY mean statement, denying the other person any human rights.
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Re: Dresses, Islands, Conventions, Social Worker Sue & Me

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Very good article Ziggy, have you/ are you publishing it anywhere else?
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