Buy a kilt - save a marriage

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Buy a kilt - save a marriage

Post by Renesm »

I saw this posted on another group. I think someone with a bit of time should contact this woman...

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Post by deebee »

Woa! I suspect this not their only issue...

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Post by cessna152towser »

I'd already seen this also on another forum. Whether there's any truth in the story it sure is a worthwhile story to help the sale as it's had wider publicity among potential buyers on kilt forums than the usual bland e-bay listing would have achieved.
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Post by Since1982 »

I added a message to his messages. Told him to get the 2 sea hags to wear dresses instead of trousers if they want dad to wear only trousers instead of a kilt. Also told him to go to the library and get books about kilts and other very masculine unbifurcated garment wearing men thru history. Probably land on deaf ears. As far as I know in regard to Sea Hags, (a fish related to eels) they can't hear anyway. :)
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Post by iain »

hah, that's so funny--I couldn't resist adding something of my own as well. some marriages really are made in heaven!
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Wife or Kilt???????/

Post by Tripp49 »

Man,I would say to that guy,KEEP THE KILT AND DUMP THE WIFE.She is an awful person.When asked what she wanted for Christmas,she should have mentioned something,if not she got what she asked for.
Oh by the way my wife bought me my first Utilikilt for Christmas way back when they came out.

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