Experience in a dress today

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Experience in a dress today

Post by skirtedrunningguy »

This morning I woke up extra early this morning and decided to get a few donuts for the family at the bakery in the next town over. This was a rare chance for me to dress up so I decided to wear a dress for once. Nothing fancy. If you are familiar with Lularoe, I wore a solid color royal blue Ana with a button up shirt draped over top and some simple black flats. I thought it looked quite nice, but being I'm in Wisconsin, my heavy jacket made it look like just a skirt. Either way, it felt so luxurious to wear something so nice. When spring rolls around, I'll try the outfit again.
The lady behind the counter at the bakery was very friendly and very helpful. Quite a great experience. More-so was the customer that came in while I was there. We really didn't say much to each-other while inside the building, but once we walked out the door she started a very brief conversation. She asked what I was doing today, if I had any plans and just general chat. We talked for a little bit while walking to our vehicles. Then I noticed that she was struggling to get her door open while balancing a large bakery order so I ran over, and insisted I grab the car door for her.
After everything, she was very appreciative and made the comment about real gentlemen still existing. In short, this was such a positive experience that I had to share. This is one of many encounters of mine that proves that wearing a skirt isn't a big deal after-all. The anxiety that myself, and many others feel is all mental and we should just go about our day.
TLDR; Wore a dress, looked like a skirt, had great experience while buying donuts, will do it again, and HAD TO share this experience with someone else.

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Re: Experience in a dress today

Post by shadowfax »

Welcome to SkirtCafe.
It's great to receive such great compliments on your outfit. :)

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Re: Experience in a dress today

Post by Caultron »

Great story, skirtedrunningguy, and welcome to the board.

But why was this errand, "a rare chance to dress up?" Like, does your family not know or not approve of your skirt/dress-wearing, but you thought you could get home and change before they woke up? Or have you been holding back because of your own fears? Or was it because you'd be in the next town and not see many people that early in the morning? Or what?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I take it this wasn't your first outing. So where else have you gone out, and how often?

In any case I'm glad your experience went well and I hope it increased your confidence. The fact is, you can wear a skirt or dress essentially anywhere and the vast majority of people either won't notice or won't care. And as to the rest, the worst you'll get is an occasional frown no different than if you'd expressed yourself some other way.

And again welcome!
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Re: Experience in a dress today

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Welcome to the Cafe skirtedrunningguy. Tell us some more about yourself and how you came about wearing skirts and dresses.

Fred :kiltdance:

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Re: Experience in a dress today

Post by saltwood »

Welcome aboard and I look forward to learning more of your experiences.

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