Halloween plans skirted, kilted or other?

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: Halloween plans skirted, kilted or other?

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I was going to dress up as a witch complete with face makeup but my disagreement with MOH meant that I just didn't feel like it. I remember when I fist started at my store it was just before Halloween three years ago and I had only been there a few days. I was on checkout and it was late in the day and dark outside. A customer at my till came up with a broom and what I said next could have landed me in BIG BIG trouble but luckily the customer had a good sense of humour. I said to her, "At least you've bought your transport home." Ah the naivety of youth :!: :lol:
I believe in offering every assistance short of actual help but then mainly just want to be left to be myself in all my difference and uniqueness.

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Re: Halloween plans skirted, kilted or other?

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SkirtsDad wrote:
Ray wrote:A fabulous look! Love the skirt - decadent looking. I also love the tights. They are sheer! I thought you hated sheer tights? The dots are playful!
Haha, you are correct, however these are only sheer between the pattern lol. Therefore, I probably wouldn't really class these as sheer. The only two pairs of this style that I have were both given to me by the charity shop manager as they hadn't sold, so neither would I usually buy them. It was good to hear your feedback..... perhaps I should consider them as a fashion option more than I do.
That is absolutely up to you - but you certainly have the legs for it - and the attitude. Maybe patterned sheers (like your spotty ones) as a halfway house? Whichever way you go - I'm sure you will have fun in wearing whatever you go for!

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