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New skirts

Post by crfriend »

All the the rancour, over-heated rhetoric, and incivility over in "Off Topic" have gotten my nose out of joint so much that I'm actually having a hard time appreciating three new skirts that just arrived today from Ryan at Mouse Works.

All three are entirely lovely, and look very well executed. Much laughter was shared between he and I about the designs, which are quite divergent. One is a vivid red fleece midi-skirt, another is a greenish-blue ankle-length velveteen, and the other is a hot pink velveteen near-mini.

Given the weather, I'll give the red one first go at a public outing. The thing just pops! I've wanted a vivid red skirt for some years now, and now I have one. It's also pretty warm. The ankle-length one may see its first outing on the Solstice -- my winter holiday -- when I'll be heading out after work to get myself a good big hunk of steak or prime rib (it's tradition after all -- or at least was for my ex- and I, and I see no reason to abandon that). That leaves the pink one...

The pink one needs some help. On it's own, it's a fine piece of work, but it needs some help underneath on my frame because, as it hangs, there's a bit too much of me that's not so subtly hinted at. Does anybody have any handy suggestions on where to find very short slips/non-fluffy petticoats -- like 15" or so (the skirt is about 17")? An interesting option -- if such things even exist today -- would be something akin to what something a girlfriend I had some three decades and change ago had which was a mated set of slip and brief that would likely work entirely well but I don't even know what the thing might be called.

Photos as I take them (once I buy batteries for the graven-image recording device).
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Re: New skirts

Post by moonshadow »

Nicely done! I need to lasso me another mouseworks skirt. I'd like to get a good red one and cream one. Perhaps a size smaller in the waist as the one I have, while it fits does work it's way down throughout the day.

They are warm and I also like the way the panels are shaped. It just seems to have a nice "apron", almost vintage look to them.
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Re: New skirts

Post by skirted_in_SF »

Carl - There's five or more half slips 15" (or shorter :shock: ) at this link:,slips,113,003,10.html
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Re: New skirts

Post by Kilted_John »


Sometimes eBay is a good option... I need to start trolling said site again. Three of the four I own have begun to develop worn elastic in their waistbands. So, they sometimes decide to do the downward slide. At this time, I usually take the longest one, which, until recently, I wore the least, and fold the waistband over until I get the desired length. The only problem is that, since it's somewhat clingy, it sometimes winds up bunched up around the waist under the skirt (or dress).

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