Black Leather Skirt

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: Black Leather Skirt

Post by Sinned »

Unless he posts again, and even if he does so, I've said what I have to say. As you say, Al, any further reaction is rather pointless. It did occur to me after I had made my first response that it might be a troll. The silence since adds more ammunition to this. Zips up gob.
I believe in offering every assistance short of actual help but then mainly just want to be left to be myself in all my difference and uniqueness.

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Re: Black Leather Skirt

Post by wsherman »

Has anybody noticed, he hasn't written a single line since the original post.
No response no defenses.
Just pointing out the obvious.

Take care everybody and merry Christmas!
"In a logical world men would ride sidesaddle." The Late Paul Harvey

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Re: Black Leather Skirt

Post by Caultron »

crfriend wrote:Moderator note: I have grave suspicions on the original post, and have had so since the first time I read it. I suspect it's a shill for one of the linked sites, an outfit in Pakistan that we have had large problems with in the past. The IP address was especially interesting -- it belongs to a large US government agency; this means that either they've got someone who's posting very large articles on work time or they have a virus-infected computer that's part of a botnet (my money's on the latter) or running as a black proxy.
wsherman wrote: Has anybody noticed, he hasn't written a single line since the original post.
No response no defenses.
Just pointing out the obvious.
Yes, that does seem suspicious.
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Re: Black Leather Skirt

Post by r.m.anderson »

Well if we - make that I made the poster uncomfortable then I apologize but on the other hand if he
was a imposter and can't stand the heat in the kitchen or stand the inquisition of testing his metal
then so be it and be gone.
Skirt wearing is fraught enough with issues of convenience compatibility and personal issues of ones
public display in the public eye. This is a serious business of pursuing ones affinity of experimenting
with clothing not the norm (at least not yet) of society. Introductions are just being made on the
fashion runway and have not yet reached the point of total acceptance of men wearing skirts !

So much for kilt and skirt wearing and being called "Bravehearts" !

I came
I saw
I commented
I offered critic - aye - aye - nay
I wear skirts and kilts
I left

BUT will I be back ?
The blunt answer is HELL YES !

The Welcome Mat is extended but on conditions of returning to the fray for further partiticpation !
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
Isn't wearing a kilt enough?
Well a skirt will do in a pinch!
Make mine short and don't you dare think of pinching there !

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